Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my legislative website.  It is my honor to serve the citizens of the 14th Senate District in the Illinois General Assembly.  On this website you can learn about me, my initiatives and legislation that I am advocating in the General Assembly.

Right now, my top priorities are job creation, responsible & progressive solutions to our state's fiscal crisis, public safety & violence prevention, as well as putting an end to business as usual in Springfield.    

I always welcome feedback from my constituents, so if you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I also hold periodic town-hall meetings, roundtables and satellite office hours.  Check the Constituent Services section of my website to learn about upcoming events & stay in the loop.


Senator Emil Jones III

SilverBeatWorkshopDear friend,

During my tenure with the General Assembly, I have continually worked to ensure that Illinoisans are not taken advantage of by misleading business practices.

Seniors, specifically, have long been targeted by these fraud and scams. In an effort to combat this growing issue, I am hosting a Senior Fraud Prevention Workshop.

In an effort to inform our senior community about deceptive financial practices, I am hosting a Senior Fraud Workshop. At this event, representatives from the Department on Aging and the Attorney General’s office will be on hand to discuss methods con artists are using and also to help with any issues attendees are currently experiencing.

Our seniors have given so much of their time and energy to developing younger generations. It’s our duty to ensure they are protected.

The will be on July 24, at 507 West 111th Street in Chicago from 10 a.m. until noon.

If you have any questions feel free to contact my district office at 773-995-7748. Also be sure to visit my website, www.SenatorEmilJones.com.


State Senator Emil Jones III

jonesatdesk1-1Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you may know, the issue of firearms in Illinois has come before the General Assembly.  While this has always been a sensitive topic in our state, we must approach this with facts, caution and common-sense. 

On one hand, you have residents who wish to protect their homes, families and businesses with firearms.  On the other hand, you have residents who wish to see guns taken off the streets.  With such divergent opinions, it is important that legislators have the input of the residents they represent.

These are a few of the reasons that I wish to ask you participate in this online survey related to gun issues.

Please, take a few minutes to fill out the short survey below  and tell me your opinions on this important topic so I can better represent you in the Illinois General Assembly.


State Senator Emil Jones III
14th Legislative District

Senator Emil Jones' 14th Legislative District Firearms Survey

EJ3JobFair2014CHICAGO - It is a common situation these days – you are struggling to find a job after months of unemployment. The longer you go without work, the less confident you feel completing applications and attending interviews. Your resume is starting to lose its luster. You may feel it is impossible to even get an interview. This is an unfair and difficult reality for many, but I am here to tell you there is something you can do. I would like to invite you to a Re-Employment Workshop at my district office.

State agencies and other organizations will be there to provide the help you need to get back on track.

This employment workshop will take place on Friday, April 25, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at my district office, located at 507 W. 111th St. in Chicago.

I expect it to be a valuable opportunity for job seekers to learn about innovative ways to re-enter the working world once again or climb the ladder within it.

Space is limited, and we want to make sure everyone seeking help has an opportunity to receive it, so to register call my district office at 773-995-7748 or click here.

JonesFloorShot4Chicago, IL – The west suburban developer ALM Resources is looking to acquire more than 320 acres of land in one of South Suburban Chicago’s most economically challenged villages, Robbins. The Village Robbins, which is in 14th Senate district represented by State Senator Emil Jones III, needs to acquire land that includes roughly 100 single-family homes that have housed families living in Robbins for generations.

ALM plans on redeveloping the land to create an industrial megaplex complete with a limestone quarry, an underground mine, asphalt and concrete factories and a therapy horse ranch, according to an agreement village officials quietly approved this year.

Currently, the project has been stalled because legislative action from state lawmakers is needed for the “quick-take” process to occur.

Senator Jones issued the following statement.

“I don’t intend to move forward with any legislation or support any measure brought before the General Assembly to forces the people of Robbins from their homes for this redevelopment project.” Jones said. “ALM stands to make billions from this project and only wants to give residents a fraction of their homes value.

The people of Robbins deserve a more transparent process that allows them to decide rather than a bureaucratic injunction. It’s important that we work together to ensure that the residents of Robbins aren’t displaced and the process isn’t undermined.”


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