SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) released the following statement concerning the investigation of the death of Jemel Roberson, a security guard working at Manny’s Blue Room in the village of Robbins, who was shot by a Midlothian police officer early Sunday morning:

“Police are shooting people of color far too often. It’s time to be more aggressive in our response to these incidents.

“I call for the immediate termination of the officer who shot and killed Jemel Roberson. Regardless of the findings of the investigation, this officer has already shown he lacks the basic professional judgment to wear the badge and serve our communities in a law enforcement capacity.

“As we learn more about the case, I will continue to do all I can to ensure that justice prevails.”

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CHICAGO—State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) released the following statement in response to the verdict in the trial of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke for the shooting death of Laquan McDonald:

“I am relieved that justice was served for Laquan’s family,” said Jones. “We have seen too many black men and women killed at the hands of police with little more than a slap on the wrist.

“The time is now for everyone, including our law enforcement officers, to realize that black lives do matter.

“The verdict was a good first step, but we still have more work to do. We will continue to fight to ensure our criminal justice system equally serves everyone.”

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CHICAGO – State Senator Emil Jones, III (D-Chicago) is issuing a response to misleading claims made by the governor during his Juneteenth remarks today.

Gov. Bruce Rauner touted helping the black community, especially black businesses. Rauner has actually largely ignored black-owned businesses during his term.

“I was disgusted by the governor’s claims that he’s been a pillar within the black community, when in reality, he’s done various things that have in fact hurt our people,” said Jones.

Some areas that have suffered under Gov. Rauner include:

  • Chicago State University—Budget  stalemate caused 400 layoffs
  • Safety-net hospitals—Rauner sought to reduce Medicaid spending and discontinue some projects
    • He also refused to issue federal dollars to hospitals even after a federal judge issued a ruling
    • Hospitals like Roseland Community Hospital were forced to sue to receive the funding
  • Child Care Assistance Program—nearly gutted by cuts made by the Rauner administration
  • Minority Procurement—state issuing fewer contracts to minority-owned contractors than its goals
  • Food stamps—Aid cut to tens of thousands of households as a state agency transitioned to a new computer system                                                        

“The governor has had three years to take the lead on black issues,” said Jones. “Yet, he waits until an election year to acknowledge our community and problems. It’s disgraceful, and I will not stand by as he tries to take credit for progress within the black community.”

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