JonesFloorShot1Chicago – Each day nearly 3 million men and women in Illinois are denied decent employment and housing due to prior convictions. Today, legislation supported by Senator Emil Jones III was signed into law that allows the courts to seal criminal records for eight non-violent offences. Current law and practices prevent hardworking, law abiding individuals the chance to move forward from past mistakes.

“Too often when a court hands down a two-year or three-year sentence, society permanently stamps that ex-offender as criminal,” State Senator Emil Jones said. “A fair criminal justice system is based on the premise that when you commit a crime, you pay your debt to society, and once you’ve done your time, you can start over.”

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001jones2SPRINGFIELD – This week, Roseland Community Hospital officials conducted a press conference announcing their plans to shut down operations after 85 years of services to the community. Senator Jones had this to say:

“On April 15, Roseland Community Hospital was advised by the state that any further assistance would require RCH to perform a feasibility study to show long-term stability and make administrative changes. Today, I was in contact with RCH and neither prerequisite has been initiated. Both requirements were suggested because of fiscal mismanagement issues dating back to 1985 and needed administrative changes to restructure inefficiencies in leadership.

In this morning’s press conference, RCH officials claimed that the state owed them over $6 million, which is false. The state has completely rectified its debt and gave and advanced payment of over $1 million in Critical Hospital Adjustment Payment advancement to help when RCH asked for assistance initially. I desperately want RCH to stay open to continue providing health care services for the Greater Roseland Area. It’s no secret the Roseland community has a shortage of hospitals and for many residents, RCH is the only accessible and affordable health care facility. I’m sure a reasonable and responsible solution is within our grips but during this time of fiscal uncertainty, we can’t afford to give money to any entity that isn’t willing to make a responsible effort.”

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JonesFloorShot5“Legislation like this that calls for greater transparency and accountability on the part of reloadable card service providers is going to help us realize this much needed change for consumers.” – Sen. Emil Jones III

SPRINGFIELD – Another victory for consumer protection, State Sen. Emil Jones III (D–Chicago) saw his measure establishing substantive prepaid, reloadable card disclosures receive the approval of the General Assembly.  

Jones’ legislation subjects prepaid, reloadable credit cards and their providers to substantive disclosure regulations regarding all associated fees and service charges.

“Currently prepaid credit cards and their distributors are not made to adhere to sufficient disclosure stipulations,” Jones said. “They are not being held adequately responsible to clients. Legislation like this that calls for greater transparency and accountability on the part of reloadable card service providers is going to help us realize this much needed change for consumers.”

Reloadable, prepaid credit cards were exempted from the disclosure requirements of 2009’s federal Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure or “CARD” Act. Senate Bill 1829 establishes a standard set of disclosures for consumers to receive from credit card companies or issuers upon purchase of a prepaid, reloadable credit card.

The disclosure regulations would inform consumers of any maintenance fees accompanying the prepaid credit card and its use, charges associated with receiving cash, reloading fees and costs of establishing service.

The House of Representatives additionally offered an amendment that expanded upon the legislation’s original language regarding disclosure standards and requirements. 

SB 1829 was concurred upon by the Senate and the House and now, having received the approval of both chambers of the legislature, moves to Gov. Pat Quinn for his consideration.

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