Jones Passes Legislation to Protect Stalking Victims

Springfield, IL – Today State Senator Emil Jones (D-Chicago) passed legislation through the Senate that will make stalkers face another barrier to finding their human prey. Senate Bill 2267 makes it illegal for a stalker to use a private investigator to stalk his or her victim.


April 15, 2011                                          Larry Luster 217-782-0907     

The legislation stems from a 2003 incident when Patrick Kennedy shot and killed Margaret “Peggy” Klinke and then committed suicide.  Due to threats against her, Klinke obtained a restraining order against Kennedy and changed residences.  Unfortunately, despite Klinke’s efforts to defend herself, Kennedy tracked her down with the help of a private investigator.

“Today we enacted a common sense provision to protect innocent victims from these brutish crimes.  Nobody should have to live in fear of a stalker,” Jones said.

The legislation is based on the belief that someone who has been legally restrained from contacting another individual has no legitimate reason to discover that person’s whereabouts.  The bill would provide one more barrier for stalkers to overcome and create one more tool that law enforcement can use to protect victims of stalkers.

“My heart goes out the families that have experienced similar situations as the Klinke family. It is my duty to help prevent these same incorrigible circumstances from occurring in our communities,” Jones said.

Senate Bill 2267 now goes before the House of Representatives for consideration.



Letter from debbie riddle, sister of Peggy Klinke

 Senator Emil Jones III

I back Senate Bill 2267 100%. Using a private investigator and the information that he/she provides the stalker makes the process of tracking
down the victim much easier and quicker. This is precious time when a victim is forming a safety plan or is on the run from her abuser.

We need all the help the law can provide when holding stalkers accountable for their actions, no matter what venue they choose to stalk
their victim - private investigators are a very popular and easy source to work with when obtaining information about a victim.

Had Peggys stalker, Patrick Kennedy, not utilized information from a private investigator, it may have taken him longer to find her, the
trial would have happened and he would of been behind bars. The use of the information from the private investigator made it a faster
and easier path to locate Peggy and murder her.

Thank you for all that you do to protect the lives of the victims.


Debbie Riddle
sister of Peggy Klinke






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