HIV-AIDSIn the United States, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a health crisis, especially in the African-American community. The Roseland community, part of State Senator Emil Jones III's district(Chicago – 14), has among the highest rates of AID/ HIV in the city. In an effort to fight this dangerous disease, Senator Jones supported a measure to extend a program that allows health care professionals to notify a spouse or civil union partner when HIV test results are positive.

"Informing people of their HIV/AIDs status is pivotal to stopping this deadly disease from spreading," said Senator Jones. "If people aren't aware that they are at possible risk of having HIV, then the chances of it turning into full blown AIDs are much more likely."

Currently, no person can be administered an HIV test without first receiving documented informed consent.

When a healthcare professional gives someone an HIV test, they are barred from informing anyone about the results unless given consent from the person being tested.

House Bill 1004 recently passed out of committee unanimously and will now be debated before the full Senate.