Jelani Day

Missing ISU student Jelani Day has been found, suspect still at large

CHICAGO — The Illinois Senate Black Caucus reacts to the finding of missing Illinois State University Student Jelani Day:

“To the family and friends of Jelani Day, our hearts ache to hear this news and we wish you peace and comfort as you grieve during this tragic time. It’s extremely devastating to see a family lose a loved one and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

While we’re all mourning the loss of Jelani we must turn our attention to the suspects who are still at large. We encourage the Bloomington Police Department to thoroughly continue the investigation to bring justice and peace to the Day family. We understand this is a very difficult job and investigations take time but we want to emphasize the lack of urgency in identifying missing people of color. The term for this is ‘missing white woman syndrome.’ We saw an example of this during the tragic death and missing case of Gabby Petito. Gabby’s story controlled the airways, while Jelani’s was covered by very few. As a caucus, we haven’t come this far in fighting for equity for black children and families for them to not receive it. Jelani and his family deserve justice and we want it now.”