pexels kindel media 7578977SPRINGFIELD- A new law supported by State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) will make it easier for homeowners to remove racist and restrictive language concerning racial covenants from their property deeds.

“Racial covenants on homes are an ugly piece of history,” Jones said. “No one should encounter difficulties in removing this racist, restrictive, and outdated language from their property deeds.”

House Bill 58 – now found within Public Act 102-0110 – allows entities or individuals to remove language pertaining to unlawful restrictive covenants from property deeds. In order to request a modification, a person will need to submit a request to a recorder for the county where the property is located. The county recorder will then record the modification if a state's attorney determines an unlawful restrictive covenant exists or if the unlawfulness is apparent to the recorder.

The law also limits the fee a recorder can charge for filing a restrictive covenant modification to $10.

“It is important for anyone to be able to remove racist language from their property deeds,” Jones said. “While racial covenants cannot be enforced, they do encourage racist sentiments.”

The new law, co-sponsored by Jones, takes effect January 1, 2022.