SYEP FBCHICAGO – In an effort to provide at-risk youth with an opportunity to develop new skill sets, State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) announced the expansion of the Illinois Department of Human Services’ COVID-19 Summer Youth Employment Program, which creates additional employment opportunities for underserved youth in the South Side of Chicago.

Early work experience allows teens to learn what their passions are and explore future career paths,” Jones said. The program will help them learn work and professional skills, like time management and creating a resume, that will help shape them for years to come.”

The program will employ young adults in the South Side throughout the summer months who have struggled to find work during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

SGA Youth Family Services and Universal Family Connections received money and support from the program and have matched South Side youth with work-based learning opportunities that fit their age, ability and experience. Program participants also take part in career development training. 

These providers are two of 30 youth employment providers across the state that have received $500,000 in grant funding to employ thousands of youth.